Bitcoins mining

with comprehensive support from one of the largest hosting providers in Russia 0,06 USD per KW/h

SIBMAIN is one of the largest data centers in Russia, providing a comprehensive solution for crypto mining to institutional investors around the world. SIBMAIN has a huge capacity for potential power supply growth!

To date, our data centers contain 20 container-type sites and modular buildings. Data processing centers are located in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Abakan, with SIBMAIN’s HQ in Moscow.

The potential growth of our capacities is around 190 MW by Q1, 2022

90 MW are available for our clients at the moment!


Since 2017, SIBMAIN has been offering its customers reliable and efficient hosting of equipment for energy-consuming cryptocurrency mining and blockchain computing, guaranteeing 24/7 security, technical support, and monitoring, with 99.9% network availability and uninterrupted power supply. We serve our clients under official contracts, and also pay our due taxes here in Russia.

The company has a huge potential for capacity growth, thanks to long-term cooperation with Siberian Generating Company and En + Group. SIBMAIN is focused on long-term, successful operation and planned business scaling.

Thanks to its successful long-term experience of working with large volumes of computing equipment, SIBMAIN is ready to provide its customers with the following services:

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