The Ministry of Finance has defended mining without licensing

18.06.2023, 14:49
The agency did not agree with the proposal of the Bank of Russia to ban mining outside of experimental legal zones
The Ministry of Finance has defended mining without licensing

The Ministry of Finance does not agree with the position of the Bank of Russia, which actually stands for total licensing of cryptocurrency mining, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said, according to Prime.

"The Central Bank has a new position ... in fact, mining is being banned, which is not carried out within the experimental legal regime. That is, people who should do mining should do it through authorized organizations and so on, that is, in fact, total licensing. We are against it," the deputy minister said.

On November 17, a group of deputies submitted to the State Duma a bill that would legalize mining, allow declaring income from it and ensure the calculation and payment of taxes. The document provides that miners can sell the extracted cryptocurrency without using the Russian information infrastructure or within the experimental legal regime (EPR).

The draft law assumes that the government, in coordination with the Bank of Russia, establishes requirements for miners, and control over compliance with these requirements is carried out by the federal executive authority authorized by the government. Explanations from legislators about which body is meant and what requirements will be established have not yet been received.

At the end of November, this bill was not approved by the legal department of the Parliament. The division reviewed the document, compiled a list of comments, and recommended that the bill be sent to the Bank of Russia for conclusion. Despite the differences between the departments, according to the head of the State Duma Committee on the financial Market Anatoly Aksakov, this bill is planned to be adopted by the end of the year.

Also, by the end of the year, it is planned to adopt a bill on EPR, which will prescribe the conditions under which it will be possible to work with cryptocurrencies. According to Aksakov, the development of the document is coming to an end, and in the near future it will be submitted to the State Duma. | RBC Crypto

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