Crypto Strategist Saw Growth Opportunities for 3 Assets

01.06.2023, 19:42
Cryptostrategist Mikael van de Popper believes that 3 assets have good opportunities for growth According to him, to start the rally, bitcoin needs to find support above the $19,500 level:
Crypto Strategist Saw Growth Opportunities for 3 Assets

"BTC looks good, but the rally needs to overcome the $19,500 level. In addition, you need to follow the speeches of the heads of the ECB and the Fed"
Van de Poppe noted that ETH looks positive after reaching the local bottom on September 7 and altcoins can follow:

"There was a local bottom for ETH, now there is growth. The rest of the altcoins can follow him. Then I expect a decrease in the strength of the dollar and it is possible to open long positions on crypto assets"

The analyst also noted the progress of the EOS smart contacts platform and believes that the asset can reach $2 after the rebound:

"EOS has demonstrated a good rebound at an important level. There is every chance to continue the growth to $2"

Separately, van de Poppe reviewed the capitalization of the entire crypto market and suggests that good opportunities may soon open up for purchases of crypto assets, since the US dollar index is on its way to its maximum values.

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