Schools in the UAE introduce lessons on NFT and metaverses

06.06.2023, 17:28
Schools in the UAE are launching lessons on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT and metaverses to increase the level of financial literacy of schoolchildren in the digital space.
Schools in the UAE introduce lessons on NFT and metaverses

Repton Al Barsha Director Tracy Moxley acknowledged that metaverses, virtual reality, game development and other latest technologies are developing rapidly. Therefore, the introduction of new programs for their study will help prepare schoolchildren for the future labor market, of which blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become an integral part. In addition, children will already have a clear idea of Internet security, which is also of no small importance. About an hour a week will be allocated for the study of new subjects.

"We believe that blockchain is the technology of the future, and we really want to delve into this space by raising the awareness of teachers, students and their parents about it. Our students from the fourth to the sixth grade are already studying game design. We will make sure that they have developed digital thinking. They should have heard a lot about NFT, digital assets and blockchain," said Repton Director Al Barsha.

Mark Ryan, an art teacher for elementary grades at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, said that since last year he has been teaching students how works of art can be turned into NFT. Students do not focus on buying and selling collectible tokens. They study how young artists can express themselves in the digital space. According to the teacher, the field of NFT is developing faster than the curriculum itself. Ryan noted that this year he has already worked with schoolchildren on studying The Sandbox and Decentraland metaverses.

It should be noted that the UAE government promotes the development of the latest technologies. In September, the UAE Ministry of Economy opened an office in the metaverse, through which it can interact with citizens.

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