Hacker stole 288 million

09.06.2023, 17:07
Investing.com — According to CoinDesk, over the past week, the hacker gradually converted the stolen FTX funds into Ethereum, as a result of which about $74 million in Ethereum was transferred to BTC using RenBridge, writes Business Insider.
Hacker stole 288 million

A week ago, a hacker accumulated about $288 million of Ethereum after the collapse of the Sam Bankman Fried cryptocurrency exchange, which made him the 35th largest holder of Ethereum in the world.

Elliptic, an analytical company, estimated that a total of about $477 million was stolen as a result of the FTX crash.

However, according to Etherscan, the hacker's assets in Ethereum fell by 26% over the weekend.

Elliptic co-founder Tom Robinson said that hackers converted ethereum into bitcoin using a blockchain bridge product called RenBTC. Approximately $74 million has been transferred to BTC at the moment.

At the same time, Alameda Research, Bankman Fried's cryptocurrency trading firm and FTX subsidiary, acquired RenBridge last year, which owns the RenBTC tool.

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